Lecente Black Chrome Powder 2,5 gr.
Designed to give a super shiny finish when used over Layer It! Can be placed into the tacky layer of..
Lecente Pink Chameleon Chrome Powder 2,5 gr.
Colour-changing chromes! In the jar this looks dark pink but over white it looks peach with a pink s..
Lecente Rainbow Powder 1 gr.
Use this super holographic pigment powder to create intense rainbow effect nails that dazzle in the ..
Lecente Super Pink Ombre Powder 8 gr.
A gorgeous pink powder pigment, perfect for creating fades and baby boomer style nails. Pair with ou..
Lecente Super White Ombre Powder 8 gr.
A gorgeous pigment powder in white, perfect for creating a baby boomer effect on nails. Pair with ou..
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