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Activates a non-invasive process of thorough natural cleansing in which the papain enzyme breaks down dead epidermal cells, peels off corneocytes from the skin's surface and removes impurities trapped deep in the pores. Exfoliation increases skin oxygenation and stimulates the process of cell regeneration and collagen renewal. The skin's tone is improved and the appearance of imperfections reduced, with lighter pigmentation marks and smoothed out wrinkle lines and skin surface irregularities from treated acne.

The skin is left refreshed, visibly rejuvenated and improved in tone.

It facilitates the gentle peeling of dead epidermal cells and maintains the natural moisture supply.


  • for complete regeneration of all skin types
  • for mature, dull, tired skin with deep wrinkles
  • highly tolerated by very sensitive skin, skin with acne, red, dry and flaky skin
  • exfoliating & deep cleansing



is produced from papaya, which is a sheer luxury of antioxidants and other useful substances such as: vitamins, flavonoids, minerals, useful fibre and proteins. It breaks down complex proteins into simpler ones. The enzyme is active in a pH range of 4-6;


is a powerful antioxidant (protection against free radicals) which plays a role in collagen incorporation into the connective tissue. This improves skin vitality and firmness and reduces the signs of ageing. It also promotes skin lightening and reduced acne occurrence;

GOTU KOLA EXTRACT (Centella Asiatica) :

contains vitamins (A,B,C,D), minerals (Zn, Mg, Se), triterpenoids (asiaticoside) and amino acids. It has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties, stimulates collagen synthesis, tones the skin and has a beneficial effect on capillaries. It stimulates microcirculation, detoxifies the body and is used to relieve skin-related problems such as: psoriasis, dermatitis, burns, etc.;


a treasury of minerals: Si, Al, Mg, Ca, Fe, K, Zn, Cu, Co. In cosmetics, it is used for skin cleansing, absorption of impurities and oils (in oily skin and skin with acne) and skin revitalization, because it stimulates circulation.


Prepare the exfoliant immediately before use. Before application, protect the area around the eyes. Mix 2 level tablespoons (7-10 g) of the powdered exfoliant with a little water to form a spreadable paste and apply to well cleansed and dried skin in a thin layer using a brush. Gently rub the exfoliant into the skin and let it work for 5-10 minutes. If so desired, use a moist compress or Vapozone, but the temperature should not exceed 40ºC. Rinse the skin with lukewarm water and apply AHA neutraliser, letting it work for a few minutes (in direct proportion to the exfoliation time). Tone the skin generously and apply a moisturising/nourishing cream depending on skin type. On sunny days and in the summer, protect the skin with protection factor SPF 25/30.

Recommendation: A day after exfoliating, it is recommended to moisturise the skin liberally with a hydrating cream.

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